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Pardons Canada Reviews

By SailorReviews0 comments
So happy that I chose to have the Pardons Canada team help me with the process of obtaining my pardons. Now that I am older and the past is well behind me I am looking forward to having my record cleared. The Pardons Canada team has been excellent in explaining everything to me and ...

Pardons Canada Reviews

By NicoleReviews0 comments
I have been avoiding starting the process of getting a pardon because frankly it seemed like it would take a lot of effort and time to navigate the bureaucracy involved. But I am so glad that I found Pardons Canada!! They are handling everything and thanks to them I should be getting ...
Pardons Canada Reviews

Pardons Canada Reviews

Pardons Canada Reviews     Pardons Canada Review: Thank you Letter "January 20, 2016   Thank you Pardons Canada. Your service has provided me with the help I needed. It will also help others like me have peace of mind and make a difference in their lives. Now that ...
Obtaining a Pardon in Canada

Obtaining a Pardon in Canada

Obtaining a Pardon in Canada   "To Whom it May Concern:   This letter is to say Thank you for your big help! Getting this pardon is a big lift off my shoulders, it's a dream come true. Now my my wife and I can travel to the USA without being worried about getting detained.   Yours ...
Criminal Record Removal Canada

Criminal Record Removal Canada

Criminal Record Removal Canada   "To Whom It May Concern:   I would like to say Thank You to Pardons Canada for all of the help you have given me in relation to the removal of my criminal record. It is such a tremendous relief knowing that I can travel unburdened by my past ...


14 member reviews
    By Eric
    Great service with friendly helpful staff
    Go do it yourself people. The process is simple and you will save yourself so much money!!!! They took $350 of mine and ...
    I will be leaving negative reviews anywhere and everywhere possible. You are thieves!
    I am writing to thank Jessica A. for helping me get my pardon. The parole board requested more supporting information i...
    Impeccable service! We are fortunate to have such an institution who cares more about helping anyone with a record, reg...
    Amazing company. I have been involved with them for over 15 years. Incredible wealth of knowledge and very professional ...
    Thank-you letter from client who received a Pardon for a DUI. I would like to thank the Pardons Canada, my family and...
    Pardons Canada Reviews these guys are so knowledgeable I am so glad they are handling the process to get my pardon.
    Pardons Canada Reviews : their team is amazing. thanks Pardons Canada!
    Pardons Canada Reviews: I highly recommend working with Pardons Canada if you want to have your record cleared.

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