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Pardons Canada Reviews

Pardons Canada Reviews
Pardons Canada Reviews
Pardons Canada Review: Thank you Letter
"January 20, 2016
Thank you Pardons Canada. Your service has provided me with the help I needed. It will also help others like me have peace of mind and make a difference in their lives. Now that I am free from my burden and shame, I can do the things I always wanted to do and have a happy and successful furture.I am so sorry for my mistake.
Yours Truly,
Pardons Canada Review:
"I am writing this letter to say big thanks to Pardons Canada to relieve me from the burden that I was carrying since 8 years. My life was not moving at the speed as I wanted it to be. I appreciate the step-by-step instructions provided by Pardons Canada.
They were really helpful in removing my record. I was so happy when i got it in the mauk as I was expecting to get it so soon. I can move on with my life and pursue new goals and dreams with dignity and respect.
Thanks :)" 

Pardons Canada Review:
"To Whom it May Concern:
This letter is to inform you how wonderful it noe feels to be understood after having pardoned granted. I am so reliueved and happy to be free of a criminal record. I am now able to visit family in the U.S. that I have not seen for years. I can now pursue any employment goals. i am so happy and more confident now to pursue any dreams that I have. i think more positively now and am enjoying this new freedom.
I will continue to be a productive member of society and in my community. i will continue to help people in my community and inform people who need a pardon to connect with Pardons Canada. I am forever grateful for getting another chance and am more educated now about the law. I want to thank all the Pardons Canada staff for all their help and support during the pardon process"
Pardons Canada Review:
"In my younger years as an teenager and a young adult, I did things that broke the law and was eventually got caught for them. I did my crime and did my time BUT this has stayed with my for all time. I heard of Pardons Canada and got in touch with them. I ask for complete confidentiality and received it. The gentleman I work with was very professional and assured that it would be.
I received my pardon in the mail just a little over a year after I applied. I can now apply for any job I want and go anywhere in this world I please. But the biggest thing to me is that i can walk down any street with my head held high. There is no more shame riding on my shoulders."
Pardons Canada Review:
"Finally, I feel ecstatic, happy, overjoyed and very thankful to have been granted my record suspension. i can now plan to reorganize my life without fear. fear of rejection, fear of unfair judgement. It's like having thorns from your feet being removed. I now look forward to applying for jobs without embarrassment. I now can have people and society judge me for my actions here on out. I feel a sense of worth for the judicial system. I know what it feels like to be a criminal and I never want to go back there again. However small my charges were, it still makes me very responsible. I want to thank the federal government of Canada for believing in me and not only judging me for my mistakes but also recognizing my accomplishments and realizing that my pros outweigh my cons.
I want to thank Pardons Canada for their assistance in helping me and working diligently on my behalf. If I should know of anyone with a criminal record that needs help I will gladly refer you guys and gals
Pardons Canada Review:
"I'm very pleased to receive my official pardon. Thank you so much for your help with my application! I really appreciate it.
For so many years since that dark day in my life, I have been trying my best to excel in each area of my study and in each part time job that was offered to me, only hope to regain my lost ground as a man of honesty and integrity. For many nights, I couldn't fall asleep even though I felt very tired after many hours' of study or work, and only realized that it is so difficult to not think about the past but only look forward to the future. Nevertheless, I also know that wast to have a better future is to be diligent, to be respectful and to act responsibly. 
I started to feel like some burdens were removed form my shoulders. I see new opportunity's to travel abroad, attend international academic conference and speak with my peers. To pursue advanced study towards a PhD degree was such a high objective that I could only have in my dream before, but now it looks so much closer to my mind, I can feel it's part of my responsibility to do it.
Now, there is still one major task left for me as toy mentioned: to remove my information from the Police and RCMP systems. I know how to contact the local police station, but I have no really no idea how to contact the RCMP. Can you offer me further help to complete this last task? I believe you have all the knowledge of how to achieve this goal.
Again, Thank you so much! I hope to get your further help."
Pardons Canada Review:
"Dear Pardons Canada,
I am writing to thank you for helping me get my Pardon. When the parole board attempted to refuse my request, your wonderful staff member Julie, immediately contacted me to organize a response. The Pardon was granted within weeks because of her advice.
I would certainly recommend Pardons Canada to anyone who needs this type of service. You have been instrumental in me taking this important and final step in rebuilding my life.
I thank you for your services and for helping me reach this life changing objective."
Pardons Canada Review:
"To Pardons Canada,
It is with great pride and liberation that I write you this short note and thank you for your consideration and resulting pardon of my suspension. It could not have come at a better time as I had just returned from the hospital and it lifted a great wight off my personal life. It has made my immediate family very happy as well.
I look forward to traveling with my family and my 'Newly granted freedom' which I lost as a result of my own bad judgement in the past. Although at my age it will be limited to how much I shall travel, it will allow me to be at peace in my remaining years as a citizen of this great country Canada.
Again, I would like to take this opportunity to give you my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for this most precious of grants."
Pardons Canada Review:
"Word cannot express how relieved I was to receive confirmation of the granting of my official Pardon in November 2013. This reprieve is shared by all members of my family. They have expressed their happiness by added love and respect.
I have worked extremely hard over the years to provide the best possible life for me and those around me, especially my family. A s a result of the lesion I learn from doing time for an indictable offense, I have been able to turn my life around and excel in life. In turn it has returned great personal reward. I have used my mistake to foster a positive outlook on my life and the lives of those around me. As a result I have influenced people to not take freedom of choice for granted. The right choices can lead to great beneficial accomplishments.
I have been very open with my family about my conviction. I have used what I learned from this ordeal to teach my children the negative effects that drugs have on people's lives. My kids are 17 and 15 year old girls. I teach them that the consequences of drugs/alcohol can be very destructive. I promote openness among my kids and they embrace it tremendously. I have also conveyed my thoughts to their friends and have witnessed success.
I wish to become a greater contribute to my community-based volunteer organization. I now have the opportunity to play an advanced part in these and other organizations.
I have played and been a fan of hockey since i was a small boy. During my younger years I excelled in the sport. I always wanted to help kids develop their skill level in hockey. I now have the opportunity to take part in coaching minor hockey players in out town league."
Pardons Canada Review:
"Attention Pardons Canada,
I am writing to thank you for the excellent work in completing my file destruction. It feels great to be unburdened after Pardons Canada destroyed my file. Now I can apply for jobs requiring security clearances and criminal background checks. Another positive difference is the ability to travel worry free. With the removal of my criminal record I now have the peace of mind and a feeling of a second chance. Thank you for the opportunity to continue to make positive differences in my life.
For those who want to make a positive change in their lives, the folks at Pardons Canada were there to help me. Thank you again!"

Pardons Canada Review:

"Just a quick testimonial to share how liberated I feel to have been granted a criminal records pardon. I can now apply for jobs that I was previously disqualified from due to my criminal history, despite the fact I was more than qualified for on both academic levels and experience. I can apply for my passport and take vacations in destinations that i would have previously been denied entry. After a decade of living my life as a law abiding citizen I feel I can now hold my head up high having had the Parole Board of Canada recognize that achievement and granting me a pardon.

Having had a lengthy criminal history spanning nearly a quarter of a century applying for a pardon without assistance of  Pardons Canada would have been too overwhelming and daunting of a task. In fact, Pardons Canada was an intricate part of the first guiding me through the steps of preparing my file for presentation to the Parole Board and then later being my liaison with The Parole Board of Canada when they were requesting additional information before rendering their decision. I definitely feel Pardons Canada was an intricate part of my positive outcome and would like to thank all those involved with my file. Thank you so much!


Best Regards."

Pardons Canada Review

“To Whom it May Concern,

My name is W. and I just received my Pardon/Record Suspension via mail today. It felt like a 10 ton weight was removed from my chest. Without the help of Pardons Canada, this would not have been possible.


It will be so gratifying to be able to secure a passport again. Allowing me the freedom to travel the world without this black cloud following me. Although at sometimes it was a painstaking process, the end justified the means.


Thanks Pardons Canada” 

Pardons Canada Reviews


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