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Pardons Canada Reviews - U.S Waiver Documents

Pardons Canada Reviews
U.S. Waiver Doucments

'I spoke with someone at your office today, that was as usual, very helpful. I forgot to get his name. I have been using your services for the past 10 plus years. You have helped me to get 3 and 5 year US waivers. Your attention to detail and help is excellent. I recently visited the US. When I was crossing, I handed my waiver to the Border Customs Officer and as normal they instructed me to pull to the side and go into the building. I waited like normal inside to be called up for the usual paperwork. To my absolute horror the officer  processing my paper work was holding a soaking wet and ripped waiver. It had been dropped in a puddle or something.. Needless to say a portion of it was wrecked. They allowed me entry into the US, but informed me I would need a new waiver once my 6 month ticket was up. They offered no help or explanation as to what had happened. I was simply told get a new one, like they are easy to get. So after speaking with a gentleman at your office he said to send a copy of the original and you would forward information on how to get my replaced… I wish I could get the officer to cop to what they had done, but no one took responsibility, no one…. Ridiculous… I am so glad that Pardons Canada can help me to obtain a new US Entry Waiver so that I can continue to have the freedom to travel.

Thank you so much"
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