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Will I be denied entry to the USA with my criminal record? Its an Old Pot Possession Charge from Over 20 Years Ago.

Will I be denied entry to the USA with my criminal record? It's an Old Pot Possession Charge from Over 20 Years Ago. 
I was wondering if someone could please help me. I was charged with the possession of pot over 20 years ago. I don't know if something like that will still be on my record or whether or not that old possession charge will affect my ability to enter the united states. Will I be denied entry into the USA as a result of this old possession of pot charge?
Any help would be great, thanks. 


By Pardons Canada
Thank you for reaching out to the Pardons Canada team with your question.
Now, the Americans can deny you entry to the US for any criminal record no matter how small the offence was and how old the criminal record was. Any drug charge or crime of moral turpitude particularly will be deemed by the Americans to be a criminal offence that will make you inadmissible to the US. 
Once you are denied entry to the US, you will require a US Entry Waiver (I-194, I-192) to return to the US.
This application is costly and takes time. If you have never been denied entry to the US, then you can obtain a pardon or record suspension and then you should be safe to travel without worry of being denied entry.
I hope this has helped to answer your question.
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