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When Can I Apply to Have my Record Cleared?

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My Conditional Discharge was completed last May. When Can I Apply to Have my Record Cleared?
Many people believe that if their criminal charge was withdrawn, dismissed, stayed, peace bond, absolute or conditional discharge, that it will disappear on its own.  This is not entirely true.  If you were fingerprinted, photographed and went to court, there is still a police record and record of your fingerprints in the system.  This can have a negative affect if you are doing a criminal background check and the charges still show up.  Its important to obtain a file destruction to remove the prints from the system to that in the future you will be safe for work and traveling.  For a conditional discharge, you need to be out of trouble for 3 years from the end of your court date.  Its OK to start the application process early as the process takes time to get approved.
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last year
and how long does the application process take? Can we start it before the 3 year mark knowing it will be completed just after the 3 year period?
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