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Vulnerable Sector Search

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Vulnerable Sector Search
I received this inquiry the other day from a client:
Approximately 13yrs ago i was charged with criminal harassment, the case went to court and I was given an absolute discharge, I have never really had any problems getting into the USA or employment or anything but when I did go apply for a volunteer position with the OPP aux unit I was denied because of it. I know the report and incident numbers are still there and would like to know if somehow they can be destroyed? I was also fingerprinted and photoed and was curious if that still existed even though my lawyer requested they be destroyed. I was wondering if there was any way possible to have everything removed so there is no longer any trace of it. I have intentions in the near future of branching my business into the USA and do not want this to hinder me in any way. Recently I applied for a NEXUS card with the trusted traveler program between the USA customs and Canada, I was turned down and was also curious if my previous dealings with the law could have somehow affected this? Do you guys have access to look into the customs records and charges to see if there is anything on file? 
Here is my answer:
Once a file destruction is approved by the police you may approach the police personally to speak to them about removing your name from the vulnerable sector as its preventing you from getting a job or moving into a career of your choice.  It really depends on the police as every one is different, but they may agree to remove your name from the vulnerable sector so that in the future there will not be a positive hit when doing a criminal background check.
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