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Vulnerable Sector Checks

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Last week I had a client who got his Record Suspension granted a few months ago. However, when he went to apply to coach his son’s soccer team recently they denied his volunteer application due to a vulnerable sector check.  
We discussed this and how even though the Parole Board of Canada had granted the Record Suspension for his assault charge from 14 years ago, the Local Police still keeps certain internal records (particularly when there is moral turpitude).
A vulnerable sector check is performed in cases where the applicant may be working with children or seniors (the vulnerable sector). I confirmed that for any other position nothing would come up (because the client has a Record Suspension.)  I explained that in order to have this not show up he would need to make a specific request to the local police to have them allow a vulnerable sector check to come back clear for the volunteer position.  If they agree they will allow the check to come back clear and as such he would then be able to volunteer for his son’s team.
Even though his charge was so long ago and was such a minor misunderstanding at the time, he understands why vulnerable sector checks exist now and will go and speak to his local police.


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