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U.S. Entry Waiver Cost

By M.G.
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U.S. Entry Waiver Cost
Hi team,
I would love some more information about the costs involved with attaining a U.S. entry waiver. I know that there are several amounts of paperwork and documentation that needs to be submitted but i was wondering if someone could please help me.
What are the estimated costs of attaining a US Entry waiver? Are there any extra or hidden costs that i should be aware of ir ant other fees that i need to keep in mind before applying?
Thank you. 


By Pardons Canada
Hi there and thank you for reaching out to the Pardons Canada team with your question.
You only need a US Entry Waiver (I-194 or I-192) if you have been denied entry to the US.  If you have been denied entry to the US due to having a criminal record, or admitting to smoking pot at the border or overstaying your welcome in the US, then you will require a US Entry Waiver to return to the US.  The process for applying for a US Waiver is complicated and can take time.  
We need to collect the original court records and RCMP file as well as numerous reference letters and explanation letters.  Pardons Canada helps people to put the whole application together so that it gets approved by the Americans.  
The cost for Pardons Canada to prepare the US Entry Waiver application is $770 + tax.  
You may start with a small initial payment and pay the balance over a number of months. You will need to pay the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) $585 US to approve the file in the end.  The Americans will decide how long the US Waiver is good for, but usually 1-5 years.  After the application is expired, you will be required to renew the US Waiver application.
I hope this has helped to answer your question, remember to contact our team of experts for more information about the options available to you.


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