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Travel to US with a Pot Offence

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Vistior:  I just received my pardon and record suspension for a pot offence in the mail, thank you very much for all the help.

I currently have a US Entry waiver for the next 4 years, when that expires will I have to re-apply for another waiver or because I have my record suspension, I won't need to? 


Pardons Canada:  It is good that you received your record suspension.  If you would have gotten your pardon prior to being denied entry to the US then you would not need a US Waiver as the Americans would not see your criminal record after your pardon.  However, since you have already been denied entry to the US, the Americans are not going to care that you have a pardon and you will remain in their system for good.  Since you will remain in their system you will require a US Entry Waiver or I-194 for the rest of your life or unless they change the rules.  We can easily help you get the US Waiver renewal application and hopefully you will get another 5 years.  Call any counselor at 1877-929-6011 x1

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