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Stopped at US Border, Do I Need a US Waiver?

Stopped at US Border, Do I Need a US Waiver? 

If I have been stopped at the US border can I remove this from my history or do I need a US Waiver, I-192?


About 6 or 7 years ago I had a Connecting flight from Vancouver, British
Columbia to London which was stopping in San Fransisco. I was about 20 or
21 years old at the time.


At the airport after crossing the passport control the K9 dog barked at me
in Vancouver side after the USA passport control, and I was pulled to the
side and my luggage searched and questioned, I was young and stupid at the
time obviously and when asked if had consumed anything I said I had one
puff from a marijuana at the party the night before (I know it was stupid
to be honest, I should of lied and said no) and I was searched and
questioned for hours, of course they did not find anything on me and I
have never done a single crime in my life or have any criminal record any
where or run ins with the police of any sort. The Lady I believe was
having quite a bad day so she gave me the harshest punishment of its kind.


I couldn’t quite possibly remember exactly what I needed to do to go to
USA again so few months ago I tried to cross the border while driving by
car via the Seattle Port, and of course I was pulled into the Port and
questioned and rejected.


I was informed that I require to do the form I-192 to re enter into the


Could you help me with my options? Is it possible to remove this from my
history so I don’t require to ever do the form I192? As honestly I don’t
see the crime here that I have done, it was the night before in another
country and I was honest and said yes, I could lied and said no, now being
honest is a punishment?


By Pardons Canada
Hello Stanley,
Thank you for reaching out to the Pardons Canada team with your question regarding US waivers.
If you have been denied entry to the USA, then you will need a US Entry Waiver, I-192 or I-194 no matter what.  You cannot remove your history in the US database as they will not allow it.  
A US Entry Waiver will allow you unlimited entry to the US for a specified period of time, usually 1-5 years at which point the US Waiver will have to be renewed.  
The process for applying for an I-194 is complicated and lengthy but we help thousands of people each year with the application process so that the Americans approve it.
I hope this has helped answer your question. Remember to contact us at anytime if you have any other questions regarding the application process.
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The Pardons Canada team is here to help! Contact Us today for more information.


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