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Removing a criminal charge that was dismissed or withdrawn

Visitor:  This is for my husband actually this is a recent case, the assault charge date is October 19. I called in the Police officers for help, but I do not want to press charges since this was not a violent incident. I love my husband and I don’t want him to have any trouble with the police.  Its just that in the moment it got heated and I called the police.  The first court appearance date is November 27th. Is there any way we can request the crown for dismissal of the case?
Pardons Canada:  This is not an uncommon situation and we help many people who have been charged with assault,  The police take these calls very seriously and will charge the person as an immediate protection against the spouse.  Once charged, your husband will have to go to the police office for fingerprints and photos.  The only way this charge can get dismissed is in a court of law.  If you do not wish to proceed with the charges, sometimes, not always the court will dismiss the charges.  In some cases, if the court decides that you are still in danger, even if you wish to drop the charges, they can proceed with a conviction.  Even if the assault charges were dismissed, peace bond, withdrawn, stayed, diversion or conditional or absolute discharged then the fingerprints remain on file and can get in the way of employment or travel when a criminal background check is done.
Pardons Canada:  It is important to obtain a file destruction to remove your prints and photos if your charges were dismissed, withdrawn or discharged.  Pardons Canada helps people to remove criminal charges by way of formal applications to the police and RCMP.  Speak to any counselor at 1877-929-6011 x1
Here is a recent article about how to remove a criminal record: https://www.pardons.org/pardons-canada-file-destructions-can-be-faster-than-you-think/  


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