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Propose to Deny from Parole Board of Canada

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A typical experience I have with clients revolves around applicants receiving the "Proposal to Deny" responses from the Parole Board of Canada (PBC).
The typical response from many applicants, especially when the situation revolves around a charge that was dismissed or withdrawn, is that because they weren't found guilty than this matter shouldn't affect their application.
In actuality, the Parole Board has multiple criteria which must be met in order for the Pardon/Record Suspension to be granted. Of course the obvious requirements are that an applicant meets the eligibility requirements (waited 5 years for a summary conviction, 10 years for an indictable conviction and that all fines/restitutions/surcharges have been paid in full). The lesser known criterion that many individuals forget about is the "good conduct" criteria. That means that the Board wants to see that you have not had any issues with law enforcement since your last offence and that you live a law abiding lifestyle everyday. This includes following HTA bylaws, paying child support payments, and generally speaking, living a sober and law abiding lifestyle. 
The best course of action in dealing with these matters is to provide the PBC details regarding these offences and by demonstrating the positive changes you have made in your life since and how you in turn are a positive contributor to your community. 
Ultimately, it is important for all applicants to realize that the Record Suspension is not a guaranteed result. The Board's responsibility is to ensure that by granting the Record Suspension their decision will not be disputed by the general public.


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