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Pardon Canada Eligibility

Pardon Canada Eligibility 
I came across your website and was wondering what i need to start the Pardon process?
What are some of the things that are looked at, or needed for eligibility reasons. 
Are there certain factors that i need to take into consideration that will affect whether or not i can apply?
What can i do i my end yo ensure everything goes smoothy and that i can attain my pardon?
Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you. 


By Pardons Canada
Hi there,
Thank you for your question to us regarding pardon canada eligibility. 
Eligibility requirement for a pardon or record suspension of file purge depend on the type of criminal offence and conviction.  If you were charged and the charge was later dismissed, withdrawn, stayed, peace bond or absolute discharged, then you just have to be out of trouble for one year before we can apply for your file destruction.  If you were convicted of a criminal offence, you will need to be out of trouble for five years from the end of your punishment.  
If the conviction was an indictable offence, you will need to be out of trouble for ten years from the end of your punishment.  Its OK to start your file early with Pardons Canada because we can gather and prepare all the documents in advance of your eligibility as that process can take quite some time.  
Upon your eligibility date, we will then have all the documents in place to submit on your behalf to the government for final approval.  The key is that you will need to be out of trouble for a prescribed time and as long as you do that then you should be fine to get the pardon or record suspension without any issues.
I hope this has helped to answer your question. Remember to contact our team directly for more information about how we can help!
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Contact the Pardons Canada team today for more information!


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