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Mental anguish of having a criminal record

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Here is an interesting client interaction I had today:
Client was charged with Voyeurism even though it was a consensual act – accused was filming himself and his girlfriend having sex (victim -exgirlfiend - was over the age of 18 at the time). 
Clients father was a former member of the RCMP (currently deceased) and I was speaking with his mother who was in complete disbelief of what had happened and the results from court. 
Due to Christopher's Law, which came into effect I believe in 2000/01, the client has been placed on the Sex Registry for 10 years and now cannot get a proper job, he is even completely paranoid about having someone in the car with him in case he gets pulled over and questioned and has become a recluse due to the charge.
He needs the Pardon in order to remove the burden / stigma surrounding the criminal record, specifically this charge, as it has weighed on him more mentally than anything else.
The only job he is able to hold down is as kitchen help in a local restaurant.
The clients eligibility is only in 2022 but because it has had such a profound impact on him he feels he needs to start it now as the first step to getting his life back on track.
For him it’s peace of mind knowing he had begun the process and that it is going to be done.


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