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I was denied at the border but I don't have a criminal record

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Visitor: I was denied at the border but I don't have a criminal record how long before I can go to the USA?

I was denied at the US border because they asked if I smoked pot and I admitted to having smoked pot in the past.  I was shocked that I was denied entry to the US considering that it is legal in Canada and many states in the US.  It just doesn’t make sense.  How come they are so strict?  I have travelled to the US in the past and never even been asked this question.  Now I’m denied entry and cannot return.  Please help.


Pardons Canada:  Pot or Marijuana possession is still a federal offence despite the legalization of pot in may US states.  The Americans continue to have a very strict rule that no foreigners can enter their country with a criminal offence, especially anything relating to drugs.  So even if you admit to smoking pot, they have grounds to find you inadmissible and deny you entry.  Once you have been denied entry you will now need a US Entry Waiver or I-192 to return to the US.

Pardons Canada has been helping people obtain US Waivers for over 30 years so call a counsellor at 1877-929-6011 x1 and we can help.


Here is a link about being turned away at the US border because of a pot offence:




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