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Denied Entry into US Criminal Record

By Mark
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Denied Entry into US Criminal Record

I have been denied entry to the US recently due to an old break and enter conviction.  I’m really surprised because I have crossed the border in the past (despite the criminal record)  and never had any trouble until this most recent visit.  I have family members living in the US, how do I get back there now that I’ve been denied?

Thank you. 


By Pardons Canada
Hello Mark and thank you for your question to us about denied entry into the US.

The Americans have done random criminal checks in the past and that is why you were able to pass the border in the past without any problems.  Since 9/11 the US Border patrol has become more diligent at doing criminal background checks on visitors. There are some airports now that automatically do criminal background checks so it has become more important than ever to ensure you do not have a criminal offence when traveling to the US.


If you had received your pardon or record suspension for this old criminal conviction then its likely the Americans would never have seen your criminal record.  Since you were denied entry to the US, then you will need a US Entry Waiver (I-194 or I-192) to return to the US.


This application is complicated and requires original court records and RCMP files. 


At Pardons Canada we help people to compile all the important paperwork required for the I-192 application so that the Americans will approve it once submitted to the Department of Homeland Security.  

Please feel free to contact a member of the Pardons Canada team for more information about the services we provide.
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