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Denied entry at US Border

By Eric
Edited by Admin

My name is Jim and I was denied entry to the USA with my wife, mother in law and brother in law last week and have had the most humiliating and embarrassing experience of my life. 


This criminal offence was 20 year old, soft charges and the copper would not let me explain.  He just said that I need a Waiver or I-192 form period, even a pardon will not work at this point.  They were soft charges with respect criminal charges, DUI and Harrassment and a Breach with booze.


Like this happened 20 years ago and I need help please because my wife's dad lives in Florida and he’s 80 years old. I'm now older vs when those charges happened and so far removed from any criminality and something has to be done.


To pay $600 US for an entry waiver or I-192 everytime I try to enter the states is crazy.  Even in this case it was a cruise porting out of Miami but the border officer was still stone cold and didn’t even give our family the light of day. 


Then the border guard took my luggage bag off the plane, leaving my wife on a Central American cruise without a pair of underwear no clothes.  You tell me how in God’s name that's even cool let alone fair.  Even the airline said we can change the ticket to my wife's name on the luggage but US customs would not budge and in the end all they found in my luggage was swim shorts googles and underwear and hair stuff and clothes for a cruise that I was not allowed to go on. I need your help pls and thank you.


Pardons Canada:  Yes they can be harsh at the US border and once they deny you entry, the only way you can return to the US is with a US Entry Waiver or I-192.  If we had your pardon before traveling then you would not have had this problem.  Regardless, we can help you with the paperwork for the US Waiver application as it is complicated.  Call us at 1877-929-6011 x1,

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