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Dealing With a Criminal Record

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Dealing with a Criminal Record

There is nothing worse than having to deal with something like a criminal record. All of a sudden your options have been cut in half and the ability to seek out new endeavours and projects have been taken away from you. You now find yourself labeled as an outcast, a once member of society gone astray. Often times it can seem and feel as if the ground has been taken from underneath you and the pressure of trying to “prove” yourself starting to take it’s toll.

I know these feelings all too well. I have had to learn to deal with having a criminal record and it’s consequences for quite some time. I know what it is like to Live with the constant judgement of my character based off of something that happened over 15 years ago. Having my peers, family members and closest of friends both lecture and remind me of my past mistakes. It isn’t the greatest situation to be in, no one ever wakes up one day and says “yeah im gonna go get myself a criminal record today” I am not trying to justify my actions, there are consequences to every act, especially when it involves breaking the law, I am just saying that people should not be judged forever.

Past mistakes shouldn’t have to define who you are as a person, sure your previous decisions molded you into the person you are today, but that doesn’t mean you are the same person. It doesn’t mean youre going to continue to make the same mistakes, it doesn’t mean you are not capable of learning the lesson your mistakes are trying to teach you.

Thank fully I was able to get a pardon and my criminal record has been taken care of. Yes it was difficult dealing with a criminal record, I had to find other ways to get money because no one would hire me. I had to ask an aunt of mine to help me on various occasions and even worked under the table for some friends. It wasn’t easy but it was the honest way of doing things.

Whatever situation you are currently in right now remember that there is always a way out. There are always people around that are willing to help you so don’t give up! And the sooner you find a way to get your Pardon, or get your criminal record removed the better. This will give you a chance to start over, to leave your past mistakes behind and to learn from them. 

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