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Can I Travel to the US with a Criminal Record, DUI?

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Visitor:  I was denied employment with a company based soley on my criminal record.  My crime was not connected with any employment, as it was a DUI about 12 years ago when I was in university, and I am more than qualified for the job.  I just can’t believe that they would hold that against me for something stupid I did over 10 years ago.


Pardons Canada:  This is not an uncommon situation.  Most employers in Canada are conducting criminal background checks and if something shows up, no matter how small or how long ago, there are ten other candidates for the position that don’t have a criminal record who are qualified for the work.  So it is easy for the employer to say NO to you since they immediately question your character. 


Pardons Canada:  Since you have a DUI, also known as Impaired Driving, you will need to obtain a pardon or record suspension to remove the criminal record.  Once the pardon is approved, you will be safe to apply for whatever employment you wish as your criminal record will no longer be seen.  In the meantime, once we start your pardon file we can get you a letter to indicate that the application is in process which may help you in the meantime.  Speak to any counselor to start your pardon file at 1877-929-6011 x1


Here is a link showing how a criminal record can get in the way of gaining employment:




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