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Can I travel to Mexico with a criminal record from Canada?

Can I travel to Mexico with a criminal record from Canada?

I wanted a bit of information regarding my ability to travel to mexico from Canada if I have a criminal record.


If I cannot how soon can I get a pardon? How long does the entire process take?


By Pardons Canada

Once you start your Pardon File you should be safe to travel directly to Mexico, though flying over US airspace can have some implications. It’s best to get the criminal record removed by way of a Pardon or Record Suspension.


Once the criminal record is removed, then no immigration patrol can see it.


You can start your Pardon process immediately. If the flight goes through the US then you should not travel to Mexico until the Pardon or record suspension is granted. 

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last year
This information is very incorrect. I was told the same when I got my pardon over a year ago. That no police or border patrol could see my pardon. My police checks are clear however when I went to the states the border could see that I had gotten a pardon. I wasnt refused entry because the charges were small but was told in order to return I would have to bring my pardon stating the charges because they couldnt access that information. All they could see was my pardon. Now let me tell you, that was an embarrassing moment and high stress sitting in customs waiting. I was hauled in the second time, with pardon in hand. They said they took care of it and hopefully I wont be called in again. We will see. I do wish I had the correct information from Pardons Canada when I got my Pardon about what the border can see and that it is not totally erased.
This was the US border, I have not traveled to Mexico so I'm not sure how that will work but after my experience and being lied to about a pardon I am nervous about traveling.
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Remember to contact the Pardons Canada team directly for more information about the options available to you


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