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Can I travel the the United States after my Pardon is granted?

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Can I travel the the United States after my Pardon is granted?
Can I travel the the United States after my Pardon is granted?
 Many client's have this question, the answer is: Yes, with some conditions. 
If you have not been denied entry at a US border before (either driving across or at an airport) the United States does not currently have any record of your Criminal history in Canada.
However, if you attempt to cross before a Pardon is granted, they would have access to your criminal records meaning they would be able to deny you entry. 
Once you have been denied entry you will be required to apply for a US Entry Waiver for travel to the US,  or any country governed by the US. 
If you have travelled previously but are currently in the process of applying for a Pardon, we recommend you do not travel to the US until after your Pardon is granted. 
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This is a very common question we receive. Remember to contact the Pardons Canada team to learn more about the options available to you


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