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Can I Remove My Criminal Record for Sexual Assualt?

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Can I remove My Criminal Record for Sexual Assault? 

I was wondering how i would go about writing a open letter to the Honorable Ralph Goodale, Public Safety Minister? I never had any arrests or any criminal record till 2010 when i was charged with sexual interference and possession of child pornography, long story short i met a girl who was 14 when i was 24 that told me, my family and friends that she was 18, i later found out in September that she was not the age she said she was but knowing nothing about the law i refused a lawyer and told the RCMP everything i knew in how that the truth would set me free, all it did was make the crowns case stronger on me.  


I eventually got a lawyer and took a plea bargain and was convicted indictabley and was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 2 years probation. I later found out that i am not eligible for a pardon, I'm not asking to be forgiven for anything i made a stupid mistake in trusting women and what they say. i just want to some how tell my story in hope that myself and others in my position can get a pardon, move on with there life and get a job and actually contribute to society. I am aware there are some very bad sex offenders out there, but to say under these rules that some who were lied to about age are the same as people who rape toddlers or something along those lines is preposterous. I'm very sorry to rant here i just wanted some sort of advice.


By Pardons Canada
Hello there and thank you for your question.
In March 2012, the Conservative government passed a law called Bill C-10 which made certain changes to the pardons laws including changing the name of a pardon to “record suspension”.  
In regards to sexual assault convictions, it was determined that if the victim was under the age of 18, then a record suspension or pardon will not be granted.  
This law applies to any applicant even if the conviction was prior to March of 2012.  Pardons Canada is currently lobbying the new liberal government to reverse the legislation so that individuals like yourself can hopefully obtain a pardon and move forward in their lives without the stigma of having a criminal record for the rest of your life.
I hope this has helped to answer your question, remember to contact a member of the Pardons Canada team for more information about how we can further assist you. 
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